About Us

Charming Thai Ashburton

Charming Thai Ashburton opened its doors on Friday the 30th July, 2004. Owners Ton and Patty Kittikote are proud to support local contractors and suppliers in bringing this delicious asset to the town.

Together with their two children – Gina and Jinny, Ton and Patti enjoy the Mid Canterbury lifestyle and are keen members of the community through school, sports groups and the friends they make through the restaurant.

As a chef at the busy Ironside restaurant in Christchurch, the couple felt they needed to bring Thai cuisine to Ashburton and with other business and management degrees between them, this was just the challenge they were after.

Charming Thai has grown to be one of Ashburton’s top meal destinations, offering only the freshest ingredients and the best service in town.

Charming Thai are proud to say no to MSG and most of their meals can be made gluten free for you. There are four variants of hotness: mild, medium, hot and Thai hot, for the more adventurous.

Charming Thai chefs are brought over from Thailand from 5 star hotels and resorts, to ensure authenticity and top quality dishes. Although some pastes and spices need to be sourced from Thailand, the restaurant uses local vegetables and meat, in season for the freshest taste.

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